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Rebecca Bradley's Non-Apology Apology Not Accepted

Mar 8, 2016
Press Release
Pocan Offers to Set Up Meeting with Bradley and LGBT Community

MADISON – After Justice Rebecca Bradley’s hate-filled attacks came to light yesterday, she put out a statement that did not apologize for her past hate speech and offered no explanation for her supposed change of heart.  U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan (WI-02) responded with this statement and offer:

“Justice Rebecca Bradley’s extremely vitriolic statements about the LGBT community and individuals living with HIV/AIDS were not renounced in her ambiguous statement that appeared to be offered to dodge responsibility for an extremist, hateful worldview expressed multiple times in past public diatribes.

“Her statement yesterday was directed toward people she offended rather than renouncing her own hateful past worldview. Bradley concluded it claiming her crude, bigoted ideas should have no impact on current Wisconsin voters while giving no explanation of her claimed change of heart. To even insinuate that these hateful sentiments were acceptable in 1992 throws into question what Rebecca Bradley really believes and if she is truly fair and impartial enough to serve on our state’s highest court.

“I would like to extend an offer to Justice Bradley to come and meet with the LBGT community and those living with HIV/AIDS, as well as others she targeted in her public writings such as their supportive family members, environmentalists, people struggling with substance abuse, and women making private health decisions. The only way to discover if her worldview has truly changed is to have an open dialogue with the thousands of people she targeted in her past about where her heart really is at today.”