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Congressman Mark Pocan

Representing the 2nd District of Wisconsin

Trade Agreements Make It Easier To Drain Precious Resources from Communities

Multinational water bottling companies drain U.S. communities of their water for next to nothing, bottling and selling tap water for billions in profits – dumping the environmental costs onto the community. Local control is wrestled away from residents who are helpless to stop destructive water extraction practices in their communities. The loss of groundwater from these practices can alter the level and flow of springs, lakes, rivers and drinking water wells resulting in economic and environmental devastation. Trade agreements negotiated in secret could make it easier for these multinational water bottling companies to secure local water rights, bypass local environmental protection laws and drain communities of their precious resources, not even allowing local laws protecting water extraction to apply.

“We can’t allow multinational corporations to drain our precious resources, reaping billions in profit, with no ability to have local control over these resources,” said Representative Pocan. “Over and over again, we have seen how trade agreements could give multinational corporations a legal advantage over local water rights and local environmental protection laws. Our communities and the safety of our constituents should not be threatened by the expansion of these destructive practices, while lacking local control, under potential trade agreements.”