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Congressman Pocan Votes Against Bill that Keeps Sequestration in Place

Mar 6, 2013
Press Release

WASHINGTON—U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan, a member of the House Budget Committee, today issued the following statement after he voted against a funding bill that would keep the irresponsible $85 billion sequestration cuts in place. While the legislation includes funding for the Department of Defense and the Military Construction--Veteran Affairs at fiscal year 2013 levels, all other departments would be funded at fiscal year 2012 levels, which were put in place more than 15 months ago.

“The resolution we voted on today simply continues Congress’s tradition of shirking its responsibilities and kicking the can down the road. Instead of putting in the hard work to craft a comprehensive budget that meets our current needs and priorities, we seem content to avoid the hard work and merely pass old, outdated budgets on a month-to-month basis. The result is that key programs that affect our schools, our environment, our small businesses and our homeland security get left behind.

“Furthermore, this bill would do nothing to avert the indiscriminate and irresponsible sequestration cuts that will slow our economic growth, cut vital services for Wisconsin communities and result in 36,000 lost jobs in the Badger State. Congress needs to stop doing what is easy and convenient and start doing what is right for our middle class families. I will continue to fight for a balanced solution that allows us to responsibly reign in wasteful spending while committing to investments that promote job growth.”