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U.S. Rep. Pocan condemns anti-abortion bill

Jun 18, 2013
In The News

The U.S. House later today (June 18) is expected to vote on a bill that would place a national ban on abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

The measure is not expected to advance in the U.S. Senate but, if it did, would face a veto at the White House. Still, Republicans in the House want to use their votes on the right-wing legislation in their re-election campaigns.

Before the vote on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, openly gay U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan, D-Wis., said the legislation would roll back critical women's rights. The legislation, introduced by U.S. Rep. Trent Franks, R-Ariz., would ban abortions after 20 weeks with minimal exceptions. Last week, Republicans in the Wisconsin state Senate passed a bill that mandates medically unnecessary ultrasounds before an abortion can be performed.

“This is extremism at its worst," Pocan said in a news release. "From Washington to Wisconsin, Republican lawmakers seem to think it is their job to get in between a woman and her doctor."

He continued, "These dual, dangerous efforts are out of sync with what Americans believe. Yet Republicans seem to think it’s a better use of time and taxpayer dollars to roll back women’s rights than focus on economic growth, ending the sequester, completing a budget, and preventing student loan interest rates from doubling. Women’s rights are not a political toy for Republicans to throw out whenever they want to score cheap points—they are fundamental rights that deserve absolute protection. I will vote firmly against this abortion ban and I will continue to fight to protect women’s rights in Wisconsin and across the country."

NARAL Pro-Choice America president Ilyse Hogue called the vote "shameless politics."

Hogue said, "It’s anti-choice lawmakers in Congress catering to the most extreme wing of their political base. What they seem not to care about is that their political agenda puts the health of women across the country at great risk. This bill is yet another example of how anti-choice leaders in Congress have ignored the results of the last election. The House of Representatives should be working on the country’s real, pressing challenges, not wasting their time and our money re-fighting 40-year-old battles and putting women’s health and safety in jeopardy in order to advance their own political agenda."