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Rep. Mark Pocan Announces Support of Iran Deal

Aug 5, 2015
Press Release
Says Diplomatic Agreement would Prevent Iran from Acquiring Nuclear Weapon

Washington, D.C - U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan (WI-02), 1st Vice Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, released the following statement in support of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which effectively halts the Iranian Nuclear Program, and provides the U.S. and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) unprecedented access to monitor Iran’s nuclear sites.

”Since the announcement of the historic Iran deal, I’ve had the chance to carefully review the proposed plan and consult with members of the Obama Administration and numerous independent experts. What’s clear is that ensuring Iran does not obtain a nuclear weapon is paramount to the safety and security of the Middle East and the global community. Decades of sanctions have not prevented Iran from pursuing nuclear capabilities, but with this diplomatic agreement I firmly believe we now have the opportunity to verifiably prevent a nuclear Iran by supporting and implementing this deal.

“This agreement effectively halts the Iranian Nuclear Program, and provides unprecedented access to monitor Iran’s nuclear sites. Ninety-eight percent of Iran’s enriched uranium stockpile will be removed and 13,000 centrifuges used in the production of nuclear material will be shut down and placed in storage. There will be strict limits placed on research, development and testing of advanced nuclear technology for the next ten years. After this initial period Iran will still be subjected to restrictions limiting enrichment to a level consistent with a peaceful nuclear program.

“Some of these transparency measures will last for decades, but the IAEA inspections are permanent giving the U.S. an unparalleled understanding of Iran’s nuclear program. If in the decades to come Iran tries to build a nuclear weapon we will be better prepared to detect and respond to this threat. If Congress strikes down this deal it could only hasten Iran’s ability to obtain a nuclear weapon and our global partners, including China and Russia, may have no reason to continue international sanctions. This agreement is based on stringent accountability measures to ensure Iran does not acquire a nuclear weapon.

“It took years of difficult diplomatic negotiations to reach this deal and I will actively work to ensure my colleagues stand with the President and other world leaders who have signed onto this historic agreement.”