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Health Care Reform Resources

Passage of the Affordable Care Act marked a defining moment in our country where we decided that access to quality, affordable health care for all Americans should be a right, not a privilege. The law aims to expand health insurance to the uninsured, reduce the skyrocketing costs of health care, hold insurance companies more accountable, strengthen Medicare, and improve the quality of care available to all Americans.

Since the act’s passage, nearly 1.5 million Wisconsinites have received free preventive services, 43,000 young people in the state have been able to stay on their parents’ health care plan, and Wisconsin community health centers have received more than $43 million to expand and improve their services.

Because of the law, families in Wisconsin will no longer have to worry that a pre-existing condition will prevent them from receiving health insurance, and women in Wisconsin don’t have to worry about higher premiums merely due to their gender.

Right now, Wisconsinites and Wisconsin small business owners who are without health insurance, or are looking for a better plan, can enroll in the new online Health Insurance Marketplace and shop for a health insurance plan that fits their needs and their budgets. I understand that as the historic new health care law is implemented, many of you will have questions on how it will work and how it will affect you or your business. This site is meant to help answer your questions and provide a variety of resources on the new law. As always, you should never hesitate to contact my office in Madison at 608-258-9800 with your questions or concerns.

Mark Pocan


Open enrollment is over for 2014, however, you may be eligable for coverage outside of the open enrollement period. Click here for more details. 

The next enrollment period will begin in the fall of 2014.  


Top Questions on the Affordable Care Act

Health Insurance Basics—a guide to key health care terms and phrases

Affordable Care Act Implementation Timeline

UPDATE: New HHS Report Finds Increased Choice and Low Rates for Wisconsin through Affordable Care Act

What is a Health Insurance Marketplace?

Health Insurance Marketplaces are where individuals and small businesses can compare and purchase different private health insurance plans based on their individual needs. On the Health Insurance Marketplaces, people can directly compare plans on the basis of price, benefits, quality, and other factors.

Who can enroll in the Health Insurance Marketplace?

The new Marketplaces are designed for Americans who buy their own coverage or currently have no coverage at all.

I have health insurance from my employer, and I like the plan that I have. Do I get to keep it?

You can keep the plan you have, and will enjoy many of the benefits of the Affordable Care Act, including the prohibiting of insurance companies from dropping your coverage just because you got sick.

Am I eligible for lower costs on my monthly health premiums?

You may qualify for a lower monthly premium; these savings depend on your income and family size. Click here to learn more about how to calculate your income and to check if you are eligible for the tax credits available through the law.

I’ve heard that a Navigator can help me with the new law. What is a Navigator and how can I find one?

The ACA requires every Health Insurance Marketplace to establish a Navigator program to help consumers and small businesses understand their new coverage options and find affordable coverage that meets their health care needs. Navigators must submit a plan for ensuring they remain free from conflicts of interest. Learn about the Navigators in Wisconsin:



Additional Resources

Resources for Individuals & Families

TOLL-FREE Helpline for Individuals 1-800-318-2596: There is now a toll-free consumer call center to answer questions on the upcoming Marketplaces, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  In addition to English and Spanish, the call center provides assistance in more than 150 languages through an interpretation and translation service.

Adult Children up to age 26

Covering children with pre-existing conditions

Individual Responsibility Requirement

Resources for Businesses & Small Businesses

Helpline for Small Business (SHOP) (800) 706-7893

How the Health Care Law Benefits Small Businesses
Small Business Calculator—Calculate your small business tax credit

Health Care Changes for Businesses

Affordable Care Act 101 for Small Businesses

Get health insurance for your employees

Quick Links for Small Businesses:

Resources for Seniors

How the Health Care law Benefits Seniors and improves Medicare

Medicare Drug Discounts

More Medicare Savings are coming through 2020

Resources for Women

The Affordable Care Act and Women

How the Health Care Law Benefits Women

How the Health Care Law benefits pregnant women

Preventive services for women

Resources for Young People
How the Health Care Law Benefits Young Adults and Children

Adding adult children to your health plan

Adult children up to age 26

Covering children with pre-existing conditions

Quick Links for Young People

Recursos en Español

Organizations to Reach Out to for Additional Information: